ACDHUM-LD (Low Dew Point Dehumidifier)

Outside Air Preconditioning Range


The ACDHUM-LD range of units use innovative low dew point DX technology to pre-condition humid outside air to very low moisture contents.  As desiccants are not used for the dehumidification process, regeneration is not required and installation complexity is reduced.  Integrated pre-cooling and re-heat allows for high energy efficiency in applications where building spill air is not able to be used for energy recovery.



  • Capable of dehumidifying air down to 3.5oC dew point conditions
  • No chemicals or desiccants required which reduces maintenance costs
  • DX system engineered to meet project specific requirements and design conditions
  • Inverter compressors for optimal levels of energy efficiency and capacity control
  • Packaged configuration with compact footprint
  • Proprietary ClimaSync control system ensuring performance and reliability
  • Sensible heat exchange technology allowing for energy saving pre-cooling and re-heating
  • Available in full DX, or hybrid DX and CHW configurations
  • No return air required allowing for room pressurisation



  • Winner of the ARBS Product Excellence Award 2018
  • Winner of the AIRAH Product of the Year Award 2017


Applications may include but are not limited to;

  • Supermarkets
  • Cooler rooms or cold storage
  • Manufacturing process
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