Precise Temperature and Humidity Control Range

Precise Control Unit

Air Change Precise Control Units manage both temperature and humidity at close tolerances.  The variable DX cooling and free re-heat operating principle allows for high efficiency, along with reduced installation complexity compared to that of conventional desiccant systems.  Precise Control Units are engineered to meet project specific requirements and design conditions, allowing for high versatility in terms of application.

Air Change PCU – Precise temperature and humidity control for any application.



  • Unit range caters for nominal airflows of 500-4000 L/s
  • Precise capacity modulation ideal for critical control applications
  • Low dew point systems are available for achieving very low moisture contents
  • As desiccants are not used, regeneration is not required which reduces installation complexity
  • Packaged or split configurations are available
  • Proprietary ClimaSync control system ensuring optimal performance and easy integration into any building or facility
  • Air-to-air heat recovery technology for increased energy efficiency (optional)
  • Can be used in full outside air, or recirculating air applications
  • Available in full DX, or hybrid DX and CHW configurations


Applications may include but are not limited to;

  • Buildings with a low sensible heat ratio
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Scientific Labs
  • Data Centres
  • Manufacturing process
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